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88Keys to Cure would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to its supporters for giving their time and effort. Your help allowed us to further pursue our mission, and we sincerely appreciate your generosity. Every contribution means the world for us.
Concerto Members:

Donations of $100 or more earn you recognition as a Concerto Member in our program booklets and on our website. All donations are tax-deductible.

Anonymous (4)

Elmer and Emily Tu

Nam-June & Terrine Joe

Cincy You

Dana Carris, RE/MAZ

Mr. and Mrs. Henny Koh

Fred & Deborah Moseley

Amy & Diane Iko

George & Jane Chikuma

Brian and Helen Lee

Paula and Aaron Hamvas

Eric Boller

Maria Dizon

Andy Randal

Peter Walker

Injae Choi

Alix Jung

Larry and Katherine Ye

Adam Chlastawa

Richard and Jessica Lee

Tony Va

Mingye Wang

The Zhu Family

Craig Kaneshiro

Jie Zhu

Lyudmila Lakisova

Elaine & Wade Lewis

Darrell & Elaine Kaneshiro

Arbor Hills Dental Care

Melissa Greenberg

Nancy Tomaya

Jackie and Ken Nitahara

The Lu Family

Wei Qian

Rachel Hsu

Daniel Robinson

Nancy Takagi

Lyudmila Lakisova

Hans Chan

Donna Bender

Don and Mary Furukawa

Alber Colman & Julie Park

Murthy Family

Brandon Zhang and fmaily

Marcus Yeung

Chloe Lauren Palmes

Frank Ouyang

Guo Family

Hamilton Lau

The Kiakona Family

We all have people in our hearts whom we love, support, and cherish. Concerto Members have the option to dedicate a gift in their honor and/or memory.

Memorials and Honoraria:

Sueanne Shimabuku Metz

in memory of Tokuichi & Shizuko Shimabuku ​

Kirsten, Trent, and Jarrett Takaki

in memory of Grandpa Bob and Grandma Edith Takaki

Sueanne Shimabuku Metz

in honor of Elen Masaki

Dr. Chung Taik Chung & Family

in honor of Namsook Chung

Joyce & Alice Takaki -- to Jarrett

in memory of Grandmother Edith Takaki who always looked forward to your performances

Susan Yamanaka

in memory of Edith Takaki

*Click here for a complete list of donors

A huge thank you to all of our sponsors ~ from 88Keys to Cure
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